#Fatherhood Campaign

ManUPstate’s #Fatherhood Campaign

Dads play a pivotal role in their children’s lives, modeling respect, kindness, equality, compassion and healthy living choices that give their sons and daughters a foundation for understanding their own roles in ending violence and promoting respect in their communities. Throughout 2016, ManUPstate will be promoting healthy fatherhood through our online campaign in partnership with #ReadGreenville and the YMCA. Read our tips, share our video PSAs and start a conversation with an important father figure in your life today!

ManUPstate Tips for Dads:
1) Dads who participate in household duties show their children that men and women can have equal partnerships.#m
2) Be a role model for respect, knowing your children will follow your actions before your words.
3) Take time to read to your children every day – it will strengthen not only their reading skills but also your relationship with them.
4) Talk to the boys in your life about the importance of respecting women and girls.
5) Express your emotions – fear, sadness, joy – teaching boys that it is okay for men to have feelings and to express them in a safe way.
6) Give equal affection to your sons and daughters, demonstrating to them that it is healthy for men to be nurturing, loving and kind.
7) Some dads still see certain duties as “mom” duties – don’t be one of those dads. Get involved with everything and share the load.
8) Practice patience with your children. Show them healthy ways to manage stress.
9) Speak out if you notice someone being treated unfairly or poorly, showing your children how to be a good bystander when they know that something is not right.
10) If you need help, ask for it, showing your children that it is healthy for men and boys to ask for support when they need it.
11) Dedicate a certain amount of time every day for 1:1 time with your child, letting them decide what you will do together – play a game, read books, talk about your day – whatever he wants to do.
12) Think about how you can promote literacy with your children in everyday activities- talking about players and scores while watching a sports event, identifying road signs while driving or walking, following instructions in a recipe while making a meal together.
13) Take care of yourself, practicing self-care for your physical, emotional and spiritual health. Healthy fathers promote health and well-being for their children as well.
14) Find ways to leave your work at work, making efforts to avoid bringing work and work stresses home with you.