Talk with men and boys in your life about healthy manhood.

Talk with men and boys in your life about healthy manhood and the importance of respecting women and girls.

“Every day we hear news stories about violence but rarely, if ever, are they linked to masculinity. It’s time to make the connection between the epidemic of men’s violence in our country and what society is teaching boys about masculinity.” – Men Can Stop Rape

It is important for men to talk with other men and boys in their life about what it means to be a “healthy man”. Instead of excusing inappropriate behaviors or actions with a “boys will be boys” mentality, men need to challenge these behaviors by teaching and modeling respect, integrity and open communication. Instead of teaching women and girls how to avoid becoming a victim of abuse or violence, we must teach boys how to become healthy men who would never exert power, control or abuse in their relationships with others.

By redefining society’s notion of masculinity, we can work towards reducing our culture’s tolerance for violence and increasing our capacity for respect and peace.

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