Speak Out: Against Gender Discrimination and Violence


Speak out against gender discrimination and violence – and explain why it is offensive to you.

“Most men aren’t rapists and abusers, but most rapists and abusers are men.” – Christine Smith, Hope Haven

“We need more men with the courage, strength and moral integrity to break our complicit silence and challenge each other to stand with women, not against them.” – Jackson Katz

Movements to end violence against women have been led by women for decades. Through these movements, domestic violence shelters have been built, rape crisis centers have been opened, crisis lines have started, violence prevention curriculum has been developed and public awareness campaigns have taken place. And yet, violence against women continues on an epidemic level.

It is time for men to join efforts to end violence against women, understanding that issues such as domestic violence, rape, trafficking, stalking and other forms of violence are not “women’s issues”. Men’s violence against women causes one in four American women to experience domestic violence and one in six American women to experience rape in their lifetimes.

Tony Porter, co-founder of A Call To Men, shares, “Statistics show that only about 15% of men are abusive. So how can we, as the 85% of ‘good men’, allow this is happen in our presence?”

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