Challenge other men when they say disrespectful things toward women!

Challenge other men when they tease or harass men and boys for not being “manly” enough. Let people know that you find these comments offensive and limiting.

“If it would destroy a 12-year-old boy to be called a ‘girl’, what then are we teaching him about girls?” – Tony Porter, A Call To Men

When we notice other men engaging in various forms of harassment or discrimination against boys and men who do not fit into the traditional characteristics of masculinity [link to Man Box image], our reaction and response is important. Many of the worst insults that a boy or man can receive are those that imply that he is acting “like a girl”. Our acceptance for these types of harassment only feeds the continuation of abuse and disrespect for women and girls, as well as for men who do not fit into traditional male stereotypes.

When men are pressured to fit into traditional stereotypes of male characteristics and behaviors, we maintain and strengthen a culture that breeds gender discrimination that ultimately leads to an acceptance of various types of violence and abuse.

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